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Jack becomes a man by doing a podcast all by himself about every single episode of Star Trek: Discovery! Join him as he listens to some sweet tunes, cracks bad jokes and reviews each episode. Stick around until the end for sweet and spicy features!

Feb 4, 2022

"Anomaly" is the 54th episode of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise, the second episode of the third season. The episode was written by co-producer Mike Sussman and directed by David Straiton, his fifth for the show.  Set in the 22nd century, the series follows the adventures of the first Starfleet starship Enterprise, registration NX-01. Season three of Enterprise features an ongoing story following an attack on Earth by previously unknown aliens called the Xindi. In this episode, the Enterprise is attacked by an Osaarian vessel, and in pursuit they discover that the aliens have information on the Xindi which they must retrieve to help them on their mission.