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Jack becomes a man by doing a podcast all by himself about every single episode of Star Trek: Discovery! Join him as he listens to some sweet tunes, cracks bad jokes and reviews each episode. Stick around until the end for sweet and spicy features!

Oct 3, 2020

The trial of the Millenium of Aftermath/The Willenium is listening to Jaxilly’s coverage of VERITAS. Court is now in session, and Jack and witnesses Barm and Kevin Young (Reopening the Wormhole) swear to tell the veritas, the whole veritas, and nothing but the veritas about their feelings on… Veritas.  Whether that means spilling the eels on Jack’s ice cube problem, digestion tips, memes, Bill and Ted, Eric Bana’s career, Bugle Boy, Lars von Trier’s filmography, The Good Place, Tokyo Disney Sea, the bird family of anatidae, or Kurtwood Smith, so be it.  Sake ni shinjitsu.