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Jack becomes a man by doing a podcast all by himself about every single episode of Star Trek: Discovery! Join him as he listens to some sweet tunes, cracks bad jokes and reviews each episode. Stick around until the end for sweet and spicy features!

Aug 5, 2022

Weary from Discovery, Sam Stovold and Sean Davis venture to 2024 Los Angeles to hang out with Picardos Jack and Kev Young, and together they paint the town red.  Also, La Barre, France.  That means, while discussing the adventures of Seven and Raffi in LA, they’re also talking Star Trek IV, how the punk on the bus makes Star Trek part of the MCU and what that means, trying to wrap their minds around “young” Guinan and temporal mechanics, prognosticatin’ Soongs, making some WILD predictions related to Assignment:  Earth and so much more!  Sincerely, Little Girl.