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Jack becomes a man by doing a podcast all by himself about every single episode of Star Trek: Discovery! Join him as he listens to some sweet tunes, cracks bad jokes and reviews each episode. Stick around until the end for sweet and spicy features!

Aug 26, 2021

The Lower Deckers, when the ApeCast hosted Jaxilly.  Geoff, when Jack referenced LOST.  Boimler, Will and Thomas on Nervala IV.  Jack and Geoff, selecting dub/subs on Amazon Prime.  TNG fans, when Boimler spoke of the D!  Mariner and Jet, in the collector galleries.  The Titan Strike Team, the Pakled snacks uncovered.  Mariner and Boimler, in the Cerritos bar again.  Star Trek Nerds, seeing the Spock Two skeleton.  You, when you heard this episode!