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Jack becomes a man by doing a podcast all by himself about every single episode of Star Trek: Discovery! Join him as he listens to some sweet tunes, cracks bad jokes and reviews each episode. Stick around until the end for sweet and spicy features!

Mar 22, 2020

Jack’s Silly is finally staking tentpoles at Camp Riker on Nepenthe and it does NOT disappoint.  Camp Riker may have Will, Deanna, and Kestra, but Jack has Barm, Kevin Young (Reopening the Wormhole) and Sean Davis (After the Credits) to set up shop.  Oh, also, Picard and Soji exist.  We’re here to be a bunch of blubbering fools about Riker, but also to acknowledge that Deanna might be the true hero of the episode (and she has SHIT TO SAY, in rap form).  Somehow, we still find time to talk about the Sonic movie and Oingo Boingo, and we also finally blow the mailbag right open.  Jack is like Picard in having to deal with Marge vs. the Monorail, and Sean wrestles with his past self who has SHIT TO SAY about Disco season 2.  Jack’s Silly: The only Trek podcast with the SHEER FUCKING HUBRIS to keep going after two of its guest hosts literally fall asleep during the episode.